About The Owner:

Lacy Hulecki, Licensed Massage Therapist

Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Colorado in 2012 to pursue my education and be near the mountains and abundant sunshine. I graduated from Healing Arts Institute in June 2016 specializing in therapeutic massage and combining modalities to reduce pain and restore range of motion to clients.

In 2018 I developed an interest in Myofascial Release (MFR) treatment. Many of my clients were experiencing significant gains following traditional massage therapy, however the benefits were not sustained over long periods of time. My personal experience with MFR resulted in sustained pain reduction in my hips and with my recurring low back pain. I began my MFR studies with John F. Barnes shortly afterward. I wanted to provide my clients the option and sustained wellness that MFR provided me. My interest in MFR principles has continued to grow and I have continued to take classes all over the county. My clients are encouraging my study based on the sustained benefits they have experienced.

As massage and MFR treatment benefits everyone, it can be invaluable in managing the pain and discomfort associated with chronic conditions and promoting recovery from injuries (as well as preventing them in the first place). My goal is to establish a practice where my clients feel safe and are encouraged to take positive action to improve their health.

I understand the profound impact chronic pain has on the body and the way it restricts one’s ability to live a vibrant life. Massage therapy significantly improved my ability to manage pain and stay mobile until successful hip surgeries in 2014.

Massage therapy and MFR treatments remain an integral part of my successful strategy to live an active and healthy life. Having experienced the powerful physical and emotional benefits of regular massage myself led me to pursue a career in massage therapy. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking with my dog and spending time with family and friends.