Strengthening the mind body connection through myofascial release and therapeutic massage


My name is Lacy Hulecki and I am the owner of Back To Roots Healing. I started this company in 2016 with a primary idea in mind, to help people heal from chronic pain and discomfort. Pain affects us in many physical ways, but it also affects us emotionally. The approach I take to helping others begin their healing journey is focused on the mind body connection. With a mixture of myofascial release and massage, I can assist my clients on their path to a healthy, active and pain free life.


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So, how can I help?

At Back To Roots Healing I can improve a wide variety of pain and discomfort issues:

TMJ • whiplash • low back pain • sciatica • carpal tunnel • thoracic outlet • scoliosis • piriformis syndrome • shoulder pain • neck pain • plantar fasciitis • shin splints • pre-natal discomfort • injuries • postural deviations • fibromyalgia • emotional stress/ trauma • PTSD • anxiety • depression • insomnia • headaches • migraines

Everyone’s body is unique. I emphasize the importance of a complete and in-depth assessment of my clients medical history. An example of why this is important: invasive abdominal surgery would likely leave you with unresolved scarring that would affect your wellness and cause associated pain in other areas of your body years after surgery. Each of my massages is individually tailored to meet your specific needs.


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Individualized Massage

How each massage is different.

Every single person on this planet is unique. So why would anyone choose to have a generic massage protocol done to fix a specific problem? Yes, there are generic labels for certain problems like TMJ, or low back pain, but the root of each person's TMJ or low back pain is unique. I find that if I focus on the individual and their unique body, my treatments are more effective.


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Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier, happier, life.
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